Training in medication management for doctors, pharmacists and nurses.

Why do we need training?

The process of medication management is complex and error-prone. That is why it is very important that all employees who come into contact with it are properly trained. This applies to doctors and pharmacists as well as nurses. SmartMed offers training that addresses the requirements for a patient-safe medication process, that addresses the collaboration between healthcare professionals in the creation and execution of medication assignments and in the use of the application itself.

What do we do during training?

E-learning modules are offered for the best results in an efficient timeframe, especially around prescribing and administering. It is also possible to insert a key or game element. These can be adapted to your specific needs or work processes. In addition or additionally, it is possible to provide classroom or individual training courses. User and management manuals are available for study or reference. Following the training, an after-care program is set up to provide additional support where necessary. Would you like to know more about our training courses? Feel free to contact us.
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