Meet SmartMed Care

The entire medication process around the patient in the healthcare institution in one system.


Care personnel are given more time and the risk of errors is reduced. 

CURRENT MEDICATION OVERVIEW always correct and fully available

There is good cooperation between care providers on behalf of the client.

Cloud solution

Reliable and a good price/quality ratio. 

A user-friendly system

The right support in the complex process of medication management.
The medication process around the client in a healthcare institution is often complex. The transfer of medication data when admitted to a care facility often takes a lot of time because this information is often fragmented in the care field. SmartMed's medication management system includes all steps in this complex process, executed by the different care providers the client has to deal with. These steps around prescribing, monitoring, logistics and the final administration and use of the medication are easily and securely registered in the cloud. With SmartMed Care the care workers are taken care of during the subprocess of the medication so there is more time and personal attention for the client. The client centric data model supports the medication chain and always complies with the latest standards and guidelines. 
Implementation Care
Doctor talks to her patient
Woman talks to patient in healthcare institution

User experience: Healthcare institution

"With SmartMed Care I create more care time for the client"
"Because I spend less time on administration and registration around the medication, I now do my daily work as I would like to do it most: with personal attention for every client. I really make a difference in care by being able to care for every patient safely and efficiently".  
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In the SmartMed Care-Solution we give substance to various processes: 


With the 'Verification' section, healthcare institutions can easily obtain the correct medication information upon admission and dismissal or make this available. Think of acute admittance to mental healthcare institutions, primary care (ELV) in nursing homes or decentralized care for general practitioners in the VG sector. The Current Medication Overview (AMO) is available to all employees in the care chain. This prevents a lot of time being spent on getting the medication file in order and the associated risk of medication errors.



With 'Profile' the practitioner manages all patient data about allergies, intolerances and contraindications. This reduces the risk of unwanted complications with medication use. The application gives warnings when a prescribed drug causes an allergy, intolerance or contraindication.



For clients staying in institutions it is often not easy to keep the medication file up to date. Acute admissions, supportive treatments by general practitioners and temporary stays ensure that there is a need for a well-maintained Current Medication Overview (AMO). With the 'Prescribing' section, all practitioners work in a single prescribing system. As a result, no transcription errors occur and the client is always treated from a single file.



Under 'Monitoring', the prescription of medication is arranged in a clear and unambiguous manner. The prescriber sees warnings that are generated by the link to the G-standard. The prescriber and the pharmacy communicate with each other via the application in order to assess the warnings and together arrive at the best pharmacotherapeutic treatment. By working in one closed environment, warnings, substitution proposals and checks are organised in a professional manner.


Distribution (logistics)

Prescribing, distribution and administration are organized with SmartMed Care in one environment. The pharmacy handles the logistics surrounding the supply of medicines (selected during prescription) in the application. All logistic aspects (such as defining departments and stocks, support with opiate registration and ordering from suppliers) are carried out with SmartMed Care.



With the 'Administration' module, the nursing staff handles the administration process completely digitally. Nursing staff efficiently and transparently go through the process of administration. Important aspects here are:

  • Unambiguous administration overview.
  • The possibility to order while in the administration process.
  • Good information transfer.

The purpose of this module is to provide an efficient administration process in order to minimize the number of incidents.



As a care institution it is possible to support the self-reliant client in the medication process. Own management of medication by the client is possible. The client manages the use and administration registration via an app, which is a unique application. This app makes real-time use of the same data that is created during prescription. The app also allows the client to share health information with the practitioner. Through the app, the client selects the practitioners who will have access to the personal medical data.