SmartMed Pharmacy

More than an AIS.

Save time and money with hyperautomation and modern technology

Managing a pharmacy business is becoming increasingly challenging. Far-reaching automation and use of modern technology are necessary to overcome those challenges successfully. And that's SmartMed Pharmacy.

The state-of-the-art digital platform increases your automation from 60% to 90%. It streamlines pharmacy processes, supports management decisions and puts your pharmacy in control. And modern technologies like T&T, Pharmacy Mobile and the forYou patient app bring back your job satisfaction.


We know you. And know exactly what you need.

We come from practical experience ourselves. So we know what you are up against. And we understand better than others what you need. And that is what we developed. SmartMed Pharmacy is fully digital and highly automated. The ability to exchange patient and commercial data between cooperating pharmacies is unique and contributes to optimal efficiency and safety. At the same time, complete Track-and-Trace ensures peace of mind in the pharmacy. And the SmartMed forYou app improves the digital customer relationship.

Always insight and overview. Clear screens with accurate, complete information tell you everything you need at that moment. You can decide quickly. And move on.

Everything digital and equipped with internal Track and Trace. So never search for documents or medication again.

Everything is highly automated based on your preferences. You choose and decide, the system uses smart algorithms to quickly decide on the optimal choice.


Save time and money with SmartMed Pharmacy.

Our software is highly automated. Pharmacy processes therefore become more efficient and effective. And in this we go further than others. Information is quickly accessible, accurate and complete. So you can quickly make the right management decision. You save time. And money. Want to know how much? Make an appointment to discuss the Business Case for your situation.

Subscription is a thing of the past with our article selector. All you have to do is make the necessary checks. In a clear screen with 360° patient overview and a complete current medication overview (AMO). Just what you need to perform checks quickly and safely.

Automatic selection of delivery and distribution lines based on your requirements. So no time wasted trying to determine the best choice. In case of label preference or changes, drug shortages or short expiration dates, you simply adjust the decision rules.

Extensive functionality for collaborating pharmacies within 1 cluster. Unique architecture enables exchange of patient and commercial data.


You choose. You decide. Everything customized specifically for your situation.

We understand that every pharmacy situation is different. SmartMed Pharmacy is a flexible system that you easily adapt to your needs. When your situation changes, you adjust those choices. Intuitively and simply. Incidentally, we link to any data source you wish. In this way, SmartMed Pharmacy optimises freedom of choice and communication between pharmacy, prescriber and patient.

You are at the controls. You set the decision rules. Automation follows your wishes.

With SmartMed Pharmacy, you have unlimited interoperability between healthcare providers using Medication Process 9. So you can use the best AIS. And the GP can use his preferred HIS.

The unique 360° view of your patient gives you better insight and supports making the best choices. The forYou app stimulates dialogue with the patient and provides guidance and attention. Protocol-based for optimal and also individualized results. Because every person is unique.

Margin improvement through further automation

SmartMed Pharmacy takes over many operations and decisions. Smartly and quickly. That saves time and money. And is a good alternative to increasing drug shortages and scarcity of good expert personnel.

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For 1 or more pharmacies

SmartMed Pharmacy's unique architecture allows you to combine and coordinate insights and operations across multiple pharmacies. Super convenient and efficient!

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From buffer to flow

SmartMed Pharmacy makes many operations unnecessary. The software does this on the basis of your instructions. And by giving you optimal insight, you can act at lightning speed.

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Insight and overview, wherever you are

Log in whenever and wherever you want. You can with our native Microsoft Cloud solution.

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Want to know how much time and money you can save with SmartMed Pharmacy? Have the Business Case calculated for your pharmacy business.

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