Now, and in the future.

SmartMed provides smart software for closed loop medication management. With modern platform technology. Extensively automated. So that it more than meets today's requirements. And the wishes of tomorrow.

Whether you work in a community pharmacy, hospital, clinic or healthcare facility, our solution is always Smart, Efficient and Personal.






Who are we?

Get to know us and read about SmartMed's mission here.

At SmartMed, we feel inspired by a few beliefs that guide and direct the way we think, work and collaborate:

We believe we can make a difference for people by making great innovative products. We dare to take the risk of doing new things first.

In the face of complexity, we actually see a challenge in creating simplicity. We constantly ask questions like "why" and "how"? And bringing different people and knowledge together creates unique collaborations and solutions.

We value people for what they contribute and for authentic rather than conformist behavior. Quality and excellence are our pursuit in all aspects of what we do. We value honesty, facts and no nonsense. And we have the courage to change when we are wrong.




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We are one of you!

Many of our employees come from the healthcare field. As pharmacists, pharmacy assistants, physicians and nurses, we understand you. What you need. Like real-time data. Always insight and overview. Boundless interoperable data exchange and communication with other healthcare providers and data sources. Local, regional and (inter)national. We include all these options in our software.


Less staff through smart algorithms.

Our core competence is developing software that supports management decisions. We do that with modern technology. And with all the possibilities and advantages that offers. We automate and go further than others. We call it further automation. Our smart algorithms and AI simplify management decisions. Pharmacy processes become more efficient and effective. This saves you time and money. And we offer smart alternatives to increasing drug shortages and possible staff shortages.


You choose. You decide.

We understand that every organization is different. With our expertise and practical experience, we build flexible solutions. We give you tools and advice. You determine the settings and priorities. For your unique situation. When your organization changes, you adapt your choices. Our solution grows flexibly with your business. Intuitive and simple.


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