what we do

Innovating Medication Management.
Medication management is in need of a change. Imagine: hospitals, institutions, pharmacies and general practitioners all having access to the same data in one single medication management system. Data over which the patient himself has all insight and control. One system that allows every care worker, from the medical specialist in the hospital to the nurse at the patient's bedside, to manage the medication as required. This is not a dream, this is what we at SmartMed achieve.

SmartMed provides cloud solutions for medication management. An end-to-end solution for the complete process of prescribing, monitoring, logistics and administration by doctors, pharmacists and nurses. SmartMed's applications are developed for and in cooperation with the end users who deal with medication management on a daily basis. This results in five different solutions for five different target groups, namely SmartMed Hospital for hospitals, SmartMed Care for care institutions, SmartMed Clinic for ZBCs, SmartMed Pharmacy for community pharmacies and finally SmartMed forYou in the form of a mobile app for patients themselves. User-friendliness, speed, (medication) safety and low costs are key in all these solutions. 
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What do we stand for?
At SmartMed we feel inspired by a few beliefs that guide and guide us in the way we think, work and cooperate:
We believe we can make a difference for people by making great innovative products. We dare to take the risk of being the first to do new things. When it comes to complexity, we see it as a challenge to create simplicity. We constantly ask questions like 'why' and 'how'? And by bringing together different people and knowledge, we create unique collaborations and solutions. We value people for what they contribute and for authentic instead of conformist behaviour. Quality and excellence are our pursuit in all aspects of what we do. We value honesty, facts and no nonsense. And we have the courage to change when we are wrong. 


We want our products and innovations to improve people's health.
We want to help healthcare professionals perform at their best by providing them with the right tools to do so. We want to help convert 'sick care' into healthcare. How do we do this? By focusing on the immediate needs of healthcare professionals and patients:
  • By minimizing time-consuming administrative overhead with easy-to-use tools designed by and for healthcare professionals to work safely and quickly.
  • By integrating fragmented medication processes into a closed cycle and to facilitate collaboration between different health professionals and patients.
  • By analyzing patient generated 'big' data that create new knowledge to personalize and improve treatments, making precision medicine possible.
  • By supporting active participation of people in self-health management and preventive medicine. By improving logistics value chains to reduce costs and enable new, multi-channel business models.