SmartMed Care

Reliable medication management.

Smart, efficient and personal.

We understand that every healthcare facility is different. That's why SmartMed Care is a flexible solution. With extensive possibilities. We are happy to discuss with you what your optimal configuration is. You decide. And we set it up before you get started.  

Does your organization or environment change? Then you adjust those choices. Intuitively, quickly and simply. Because that's how SmartMed Care works.


We come from a healthcare background ourselves. And therefore understand you better than others.

We come from practical experience ourselves. So we know what you are up against and understand your needs. That and more is possible with our user-friendly SmartMed Care solution.

Always a correct current medication summary. Which can be accessed from anywhere.

Close medication monitoring. During prescription and during administration. We can easily set up even the most complicated schedules.

In line with current laws and regulations, ready for future regulations.


Save time and money. With SmartMed Care.

Developing software that supports management decisions is our core competency. We make information quickly accessible, accurate and complete. So you can quickly make the right decision. And our highly automated software does the rest. So you save time. And money.

Unburdened with our SAAS. Everything securely in the cloud. With this we relieve you. So you can focus on things that are really important to you.

Tailored to your unique healthcare setting. Narrow opportunities to your situation and favorite common actions.

Unlimited interoperability between you and other healthcare providers.

And real-time access to patient data anywhere. And maintenance of patient data. Through our EHR integration.


Everything customized. Specific to your healthcare facility.

We understand that every healthcare facility is different. That's why our Modern Care solution is extremely flexible and easily tailored to your unique situation.

For example, with customer-specific integrations. Do you have specific wishes or needs? SmartMed Care can interface with all vendors.

Create the environment that fits each unique situation. Define, implement and manage your specific medication sets and your protocols. And record item-level administration times.

One unique patient record. Accurate and complete. That is always accessible, accurate and complete.

Optimal availability of data

SmartMed Care delivers insight and visibility into your preferred data. You quickly see what can be improved. And act accordingly. Continuously.

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Everything customized for your healthcare facility

SmartMed Care can do a lot. And is incredibly flexible. You yourself easily customize the application organization to best suit your situation.

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Limitlessly connected to whomever you want

SmartMed is a leader in Medication Process 9 (MP9). That means interoperability with everyone. Put more simply, we interface with everyone. Without data loss.

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Unburdened by efficient automation

We deliver Software-as-a-Service (SAAS). So no more large hardware investments. Smart and highly automated. So fast and efficient.

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