SmartMed forYou

Care delivery through a digital patient relationship.

And with improved logistical efficiency.

In the forYou patient app, patients find all relevant information about their medication. Straight from the AIS. The patient can order repeat medication himself and view the status of his orders in real time. No more unnecessary phone calls.

Medication guidance through care pathways and 3rd party content providers. Bi-directional communication. Thus, the app enhances the digital dialogue between you as a healthcare provider and the patient. It increases customer satisfaction and improves adherence and medication guidance.


The app offers patients insight and convenience. And increases customer satisfaction.

In the app, patients find everything around their medication. Everything through platform technology. Names. Dosages. Dosage schedules. All viewing and package inserts. Everything in a logical, intuitive way.

Always insight and overview of current and historical medication. And related information.

Real-time a reliable and up-to-date medication overview at hand. That saves the patient time. And you!

Remote medication guidance. The forYou patient app is being further developed with care pathways and checks.

Does the patient still have questions about the medication? Soon, asking and answering questions will be easy via the forYou app.


The patient is given more control. Control. And that saves you work.

Digital means available 24/7. For when it's needed. Preventive, on call or through personal contact. The patient has real-time information. Like his current medication history. Or the status of prescriptions. This eliminates the need for phone calls to the pharmacy.

Recipe status insightful from request to delivery.

Easily check the current medication overview (AMO) and supplement it with your own medication.

The patient is in charge of initiating repeat medication, adjusting data and preferences, and monitoring medication safety.


The app provides guidance as well as attention. Tailored to each individual. Because every person is unique.

The forYou app encourages dialogue between the patient and the local pharmacy. Provides guidance and attention. Omnichannel, local, regional and central. Communication around medication, prevention, treatment, illness and health. Protocol-based yet person-specific. With the aim of contributing to health and well-being.

Improves communication between the patient and the local pharmacy.

Makes patients owners/shareholders of their treatment.

Optimizes medication use, tailored to each unique individual.

SmartMed employs many (healthcare) professionals who can serve you with personal attention.

Improve the digital relationship with your patient

Digital, partially automated communication provides guidance and attention. And increases customer satisfaction.

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Relieve your workload with the forYou app

The SmartMed forYou app gives the patient all the relevant information. Insight. And direction in preferences and repeat orders.

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Automated disclosure

The forYou patient app automatically provides the patient with the correct, relevant information. And always an up-to-date medication overview. That saves you time.

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