Get to know SmartMed Clinic

The entire medication process around the patient in a clinic in one system.


Tailored to the needs of clinics and supporting specific needs per specialty.


Complies with current legislation and regulations, ready for a changing future.

Cloud solution

Reliable and a good price/quality ratio.

A user-friendly system

The right support in the process of medication management.
When a patient reports to a clinic, the medication data must first be collected from various healthcare providers in order to complete the file. SmartMed Clinic makes it possible to electronically receive and send a medical dossier and to electronically prescribe medication, both inpatient and outpatient settings. With SmartMed Clinic the focus lies on the simple use while the specific needs of each specialty are supported, whether it concerns cardiology, dermatology or gastrointestinal diseases. As a result, the medication management system is not oversimplified or overly complex, but rather precisely tailored to the needs of your clinic to work efficiently. The time you save creates space for more personal attention for the patient and offers the possibility to offer more patients care, while your waiting times remain short.

SmartMed Clinic of course complies with the legislation and regulations and with the latest standards and guidelines. The system is also ready for future changes. For example, SmartMed Clinic is ready for requirements regarding the exchange of medication data with the patient's Personal Health Environment and between professionals (VIPP 5, a Dutch subsidy programme).

Not only is there a good price/quality ratio with this reliable cloud solution. Because SmartMed Clinic is offered as a SaaS solution, you are completely relieved of all worries, so that you can focus one hundred percent on your core business.  
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"With SmartMed Clinic I work quickly and clearly which allows me to spend more time treating patients"
"Because I spend less time on administrative activities surrounding patients' medication, I can focus on the things that really matter in my work as a medical specialist. I offer patients the personal attention they expect to receive in a clinic: no unnecessarily long waiting times but a quick diagnosis and with the right treatment on the road to recovery."  
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In the SmartMed Clinic-Solution we implement various processes: 


With the 'Verification' component, clinics can easily retrieve the correct medication information before and during a visit or make this available. The current medication overview is available to all employees in the care chain, so the medication file is in order and there is less chance of medication errors.



With 'Profile' the practitioner manages all patient data about allergies, intolerances and contraindications. This reduces the risk of unwanted complications with medication use. The application gives warnings when a prescribed drug causes an allergy, intolerance or contraindication.



Even with a short stay in a clinic, it is important to maintain a good current medication overview. With the 'Prescription' section, all practitioners work in one prescription system. This means that no transcription errors occur and the patient is always treated from one file.



Under 'Monitoring', medication monitoring signals are displayed in a clear and unambiguous manner. The prescriber sees warnings that are generated by the link with the G-standard. The prescriber and the pharmacy communicate with each other via the application in order to assess the warnings and together arrive at the best pharmacotherapeutic treatment. By working in one closed environment, warnings, substitution proposals and checks are organised in a professional manner.



With the 'Administration' module, the care personnel handle the administration process completely digitally. Healthcare workers go through the process of administration efficiently and transparently.

Important aspects are a clear overview of the administration and good information during the transfer.

The aim of this module is an efficient administration process to reduce the number of incidents to a minimum. For example, the outpatient administration of eye drops or injections for orthopaedic treatment.



In the future, SmartMed Clinic will support the self-reliant patient in the medication process, where the patient is able to manage his own medication. Through an app, the patient himself manages the use and administration registration, a unique application that fits well with the demands and wishes of our time. The app makes real-time use of the same data that is created during the prescription. Patients can also use the app to share health information with their practitioner.

Behind the scenes we are currently working hard on the development of this process in SmartMed Clinic. Curious? Please feel free to contact us, we would be happy to explain it to you.