Get to know the SmartMed forYou app

Insight into your medical records, anytime, anywhere.

Improvement in your medication use

Use the app to communicate with your doctor or pharmacist about any side effects and their use.

Freedom in spite of your medication

Always and everywhere insight into your medication data.

More time for yourself in spite of medication

Receive notifications as soon as your ordered medication is ready.

Flexible in medication management

SmartMed forYou is here for you. 
SmartMed forYou is really there for you. In a user friendly (free) app you will find all the latest information about your medication use. This information is always and everywhere accessible for you. You can easily register any side effects of your medication use in the app, so the pharmacist can provide you with personal advice or an alternative in medication. The app will notify you as soon as new medication is ready for you. SmartMed forYou offers you the freedom you deserve, just like everyone else. 
Man uses the SmartMed forYou application
Young woman checks her medical records on the SmartWatch

User experience: Patient

"With SmartMed forYou I communicate easily and quickly with my trusted pharmacist about my medication use."
"Whether I'm on vacation or working out, I always have access to my current personal medication information. My app reminds me at set times of taking my medication so that I don't have to think about it myself. Unnecessary waiting in a busy pharmacy doesn't happen to me anymore so I can spend more time on my own business. SmartMed forYou creates peace and flexibility for me when it comes to my medication use".
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