Pharmacy implementation

Getting started with SmartMed Pharmacy.

The initiation phase

For the implementation of SmartMed Pharmacy we use our own method. In collaboration with our client, we start the initiation phase in which we draw up the project plan and prepare the project. In this method we take into account risk management and monitor the progress of the implementation. We focus on the milestones and provide all stakeholders with relevant information during the process.

The approach

In our approach, we look first and foremost at the needs of the user. In consultation with our client, we determine the scope of the project before we start implementing the application. By ensuring a clear and common goal from the very beginning, we are able to carry out the project quickly. Based on the established goals, expectations and scope of the assignment, we develop a prototype and fine-tune the actions. We analyse the existing 'outdated' data and draw up the plan of approach for the migration.

Fixture and configuration

After approval of the prototype and verification of the scope of the project, we start with the design and compilation of the system. We realize integrations and links and we test the conversion. We verify the solution and perform various functional and user tests prior to training and preparation for change management. Then we plan and prepare the roll-out.
Man is helped to set up and configure SmartMed

The implementation

Finally, we implement the application. Operational and performance tests are carried out and the end user training for pharmacists and pharmacy assistants takes place. Final adjustments to work processes are implemented and a lot of attention is paid to change management. This phase is concluded with the go-live. After the go-live, there is active support by an after-care team for the end user.


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