Ananse Pharmacy also chooses FarmaSys 6

Ananse Pharmacy also chooses FarmaSys 6

From buffer to flow! Pharmacy Ananse switched to SmartMed Pharmacy - PharmaSys 6 this week 🎉 With this transition to hyperautomation, Pharmacy Ananse is increasing its AIS automation from 60% to 90%. This eliminates many manual operations and speeds up pharmacy processes. And so Pharmacy Ananse saves valuable time as well as money!

Pharmacy Ananse with the "SmartMed Pharmacy LIVE cake"

FarmaSys 6 does exactly what Pharmacy Ananse wants it to do

The FarmaSys 6 software makes decisions based on your instructions. Thus, preference policies, preferred labels and your supply and distribution preferences are safeguarded and your objectives pursued. And when you have to decide something yourself, FarmaSys 6 offers you optimal insight and overview, so you can act quickly.

Ananse Pharmacy is ready for the future. How about you?

FarmaSys 6 is more than an AIS

Contemporary features such as T&T, the Pharmacy Mobile and the forYou patient app make work even more pleasant. Thus, SmartMed Pharmacy creates peace of mind in your pharmacy.

- Writing is a thing of the past. The high-tech article selector immediately determines the optimal article selection. The one from your formula or wholesaler or the one you can manage yourself. You only have to perform medication-related checks.

- No more searching. After all, FarmaSys 6 is 100% digital. And with Track and Trace, medication can also be found immediately. For the patient and the pharmacy. And therefore your stock status always remains accurate.

- Quickly review prescriptions and signals from one up-to-date medication summary.

- Integrated customer view: you really find all patient information in one screen.

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