FarmaSys 6 is LIVE - do you recognize all the trimmings on the cake?

FarmaSys 6 is LIVE - do you recognize all the trimmings on the cake?

SmartMed Pharmacy - PharmaSys 6 is the latest AIS. Extensively automated, fully digital and equipped with modern features such as Track and Trace, the Pharmacy Mobile and the forYou patient app. In the images on the cake, do you recognize the features and functionalities of FarmaSys 6? Solve it with the text below :-)

SmartMed Pharmacy - AIS FarmaSys-6 is the newest and most efficient AIS

SmartMed Pharmacy was the first to go LIVE in Pharmacy Pijnacker Centrum in 2023. Thanks in part to the tireless efforts of pharmacist Arjan Roelofs and his pharmacy team, FarmaSys 6 was developed into a highly efficient and user-friendly AIS. With due pride, the first migration and implementation was celebrated.

Improving medication safety, the efficiency of pharmacy processes and increasing the ease of use are priorities. We listened carefully to pharmacists, assistants and users in the pharmacy: what can the current AISs not do and what additional wishes there are. SmartMed has built a native-cloud platform with state-of-the-art technology. Using contemporary possibilities such as track & trace, fully digital working, mobile applications, a patient app, Analytics and power BI. All these requirements and wishes have been implemented in SmartMed Pharmacy. With due pride, this solution is now live.

Arjan Roelofs, pharmacist in Pijnacker, was enthusiastic from the first user day. Improving medication safety and increasing user convenience were very important to me. In addition, I am very satisfied with the process, designs, functionalities and communication."

SmartMed is also proud of achieving this milestone. Frank Verheijen, Director Pharmacy & Care: "Further and smart automation improves medication safety, efficiency in pharmacy processes and offers interesting alternatives for the shortage of well-trained personnel." Alfred Godeke, CEO of SmartMed: "FarmaSys 6 future prospects for the community pharmacist. Standalone, cooperating in a group of pharmacies and/or regional cooperation can be ideally designed with it."

SmartMed Pharmacy is developed for and by pharmacists and end users, and continues to evolve. During the very first implementation at the Pijnacker Centrum pharmacy, various test scenarios were run. New releases are rolled out periodically to further enrich the application. The AIS thus continues to develop continuously. With this first go live, the implementation team is well prepared for new implementations starting after the summer vacations.

Are you also curious about FarmaSys 6? We would love to tell you more about it!

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