Gelre hospitals switch to SmartMed Hospital

Gelre hospitals switch to SmartMed Hospital

Gelre hospitals (with locations in Apeldoorn and Zutphen) successfully went live with the new medication management system SmartMed Hospital on May 2, 2019. This new application offers a future-oriented total solution for managing medication by doctors, nurses and the pharmacy in the hospital.

Gelre hospitals switched to SmartMed Hospital

With SmartMed Hospital the hospital can control and execute the entire medication process around the patient. This involves prescribing medication by the doctor, monitoring and logistics by the pharmacy and administration by the nurse or the patient himself. It is a unique solution because it is a single platform in which all medication information of a patient is recorded centrally in a secure cloud environment. As a result, communication between healthcare providers and the patient is optimally organised. The system is linked to the LSP (healthcare connection network) and includes both the patient's historical and current medication data.

End user and patient centered

CEO SmartMed, Alfred Godeke: "SmartMed offers on the one hand a user-friendly tool for the healthcare professional and on the other hand the best possible medication safety for the patient. We develop from the perspective of different end users to make the product as user-friendly, safe and functional as possible. Optimizing information exchange and collaboration between different care providers and their patients is an important goal. With SmartMed Hospital we have laid the foundation to improve medication safety and effectiveness for patients, also outside the hospital walls".

SmartMed meets requirements

In 2017 Gelre hospitals selected four suppliers who could tender for a new medication management system after an intensive market survey, where the following requirements were important:

  • The patient is central to the operation of the system.
  • The system is intuitively usable for prescribers and operators and minimizes time-consuming administrative work.
  • The system provides both clinical and outpatient support within the hospital walls as well as extramural support.
  • The system complies with the new guidelines of the Nictiz Medication Process 9.0x and new laws and regulations such as FMD, MFBs and MedMij.

Compliance with the above criteria and a good price-quality ratio are decisive and lead Gelre hospitals to choose SmartMed. During the development the requirements and wishes of the end users are central. Already in the preparation phase the various workgroups (including prescribing, pharmacy and administration) are enthusiastic about the attention for ease of use and smart tools.

GAMP5 test passed successfully

A prerequisite for the go-live was the successful completion of the GAMP5 quality tests. After testing the system by a large group of end-users, the quality met all requirements and the go-live phase started. This concerned the hospital locations Apeldoorn and Zutphen and both the clinic as well as the outpatient clinics and the entire pharmacy.

Mr. Edwin Maalderink, member of the Board of Directors at Gelre hospitals: "The project staff, supplier, key-users from the user organization and last but not least the employees of the pharmacy worked very hard to ensure that the commissioning went smoothly. They have succeeded. Approximately 1,300 healthcare professionals at Gelre hospitals are using the new system. In the coming months further optimisation will take place together with SmartMed, based on the experiences of users".

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