HealthConnected and SmartMed have teamed up

HealthConnected and SmartMed have teamed up

Together with HealthConnected, we sought collaboration. HealthConnected equips primary care physicians with a software platform for multidisciplinary collaboration in primary care.

Collaboration between SmartMed and HealthConnected

Improved communication between GP and pharmacy

In an ideal situation, family physician and pharmacist both have access to current patient and medication data. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Only when the health care provider has access to the same current information can appropriate treatment be facilitated.


"Data exchange and data availability are two of the biggest challenges in the healthcare IT landscape," begins Paul Witteman, director of HealthConnected. "All parties involved: general practitioner, pharmacist and certainly also the patient benefit from an up-to-date medication overview. So the integration of our systems is a logical step," he continues. "They are developing one of the most modern pharmacy platforms available and they share our vision for connected primary care.


"HealthConnected has not only the vision, but also the technical foundation to be a platform for the future. Our cooperation should improve the communication between general practitioner, general practice and pharmacist as well as make it more efficient," Alfred Godeke, general manager of SmartMed, says. "For all parties involved, we want to realize significant reductions in administrative burdens, through data availability for both the healthcare provider and the patient. We see many opportunities and are happy to offer solutions for healthcare providers in the field. Together with HealthConnected, we are going to make them a reality."


Focusing on three core values

The core values of the cooperation between HealthConnected and SmartMed are data exchange, data availability and information security. The main goal is for pharmacists and physicians to work together more efficiently.


Paul Witteman: "It is crucial that all those involved in a patient's treatment have access to the relevant data, such as medication history, allergies and lab values. This data must be up-to-date for all parties to streamline this process and prevent errors. All forms of data transfer involve information security."

Alfred Godeke adds: "The Ministry of Health's Medication Transfer Program under Medication Process 9 (MP9) and the consent process through MITZ will be an important foundation for this."


The collaboration between HealthConnected and SmartMed will begin in March 2024 and will be developed in phases.

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