MediKIT will use services provided by SmartMed

MediKIT will use services provided by SmartMed

SmartMed will provide the SaaS service "Medication Monitoring During Prescribing" to Nedap for the GP Information System (HIS) MediKIT. This service kicks off the collaboration between SmartMed and MediKIT to improve medication safety and coordination between GP and pharmacy.

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Alfred Godeke, founder and managing director of SmartMed: "Good support for general practitioners during the prescription of medication is important for improving patient safety. That is why we are delighted about this cooperation."

Nedap brings a modern HIS to the market with MediKIT . "Because MediKIT, like SmartMed, uses modern cloud technology, good collaboration is much easier and better today. This allows us to focus our attention on patient safety and improving ease of use for primary care."

Pieter van Tiel, general practitioner, founder of MediKIT and closely involved in the further development of the HIS: "The visions of open standards and cooperation of Nedap and SmartMed fit together seamlessly. We can thus help and strengthen primary care." 

The introduced service "Medication monitoring while prescribing" provides multiple benefits for both physician, pharmacist and also patient. Frank Verheijen, pharmacist and director of Pharmacy & Care SmartMed: "Modern technology and hyper-automation are going to improve medication safety, promote effectiveness and help deal with the consequences of staff shortages."


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We strive for an open environment where patient care is not exclusively local. Patients and providers have the right to access all available data, especially an always accurate and complete medication history. Medication Process 9 and a collaboration like this ensure that we will achieve these goals.

More information about MediKIT can be found on the Nedap website here .

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