SmartMed and MI Consultancy sign partnership 🤝

SmartMed and MI Consultancy sign partnership 🤝

MI Consultancy and SmartMed have signed a partnership integrating the EVS platform SmartMed Clinic into Neo ZIS|EPD, MI Consultancy's advanced EHR. The seamless integration will allow users to easily navigate both applications and provide closed-loop prescribing, monitoring and administration. Within a few months, the first Neo ZIS|EPD users will experience the benefits of the integration.

MI Consultancy and SmartMed close partnership

SmartMed Clinic is a modern scalable SaaS solution. Due to the seamless integration, data exchange between Neo HIS|EPD and SmartMed Clinic is fully automated and in real time, allowing users to easily navigate through both applications. In addition, SmartMed Clinic offers users tremendous flexibility: client-specific protocols and medication sets are easy to set up, offering clients ease of use and high efficiency.

MI Consultancy is looking forward to working with SmartMed. Eline Mesker, general manager MI Consultancy: "We were looking for a user-friendly solution with all the functionalities our clients want. It quickly became apparent that SmartMed Clinic offers the features and ease of use that we were looking for. In addition, SmartMed Clinic offers, among other things, integration with Neo HIS|EPD and electronic sending of prescriptions to the pharmacy, other important conditions for us. In short, we are happy with this well-considered choice."

SmartMed is also excited about the new partnership. Alfred Godeke, CEO of SmartMed: "MI Consultancy and SmartMed share the same vision: to offer a user-friendly solution with far-reaching automation that improves quality and safety and optimizes the work process. That is exactly what the integration of SmartMed Clinic and Neo HIS|EPD does. Users no longer have to switch between systems because medication prescribed in SmartMed Clinic is immediately available in Neo ZIS|EPD."

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