SmartMed demonstrates MijnMITZ functionality at KNMP current affairs session

SmartMed demonstrates MijnMITZ functionality at KNMP current affairs session

Proud! Safely exchanging medication data digitally is an important spearhead for the KNMP. SmartMed is one of the leaders in making this possible. That's why we were invited to join the KNMP Topicality Session yesterday, where VZVZ explained the latest developments of the shared consent facility Mitz.

SmartMed demonstrates MyMITZ functionality in Pharmacy Information System SmartMed Pharmacy

SmartMed Pharmacy - PharmaSys 6 is the first AIS to have the MijnMitz functionality built in. This enhances secure exchange of medication data. SmartMed CEO Alfred Godeke was asked why SmartMed gives such a high priority to Mitz: "When designing our applications, we had two goals: optimal patient safety and optimal efficiency in the pharmacy. Secure, efficient data exchange between healthcare providers positively impacts both goals. Being at the forefront of initiatives such as Mitz and the Kickstart for Medication Process (MP9) will make this happen faster."

Always a complete and accurate Current Medication Overview (AMO)

The patient is central in our AIS; all logistical (local, CF, GDS) as well as care-related tasks are brought together in one patient overview. This gives the pharmacist a complete picture of the patient at all times. Collaborating pharmacies within a group of pharmacies or region as well as other care providers have access to this medication record via secure links. If they themselves make changes to the medication then this is processed in the same, unique dossier. This gives the community pharmacist a central role and he can always provide other care providers with a correct and complete AMO.

SmartMed Pharmacy - FarmaSys 6 - More than an AIS

A unique AIS on multiple levels. The smart architecture, with one unique patient record, ensures optimal patient safety. The SmartMed Pharmacy platform is highly efficient because of further automation, never write downs, smart solutions for drug shortages and the extensive possibilities for task delegation and task differentiation. With the insights and data gained, work can become more enjoyable, better and easier for a standalone pharmacy or collaborating pharmacies within a group or region. This not only saves time and money, but also provides a solution for the growing shortage of well-qualified staff. It also frees up time for providing good pharmaceutical care and building a customer/patient relationship.

Want to know more about Mitz? Read the MITZ information on the KNMP website or visit the MITZ consent page.

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