SmartMed Hospital 3.6 with new PPO/POS module has been released!

SmartMed Hospital 3.6 with new PPO/POS module has been released!

Since last week, SmartMed Hospital, the closed-loop EVS + ZAIS + eTDR medication solution for hospitals, ZBCs and clinics, has been expanded with a brand new module. This module automates the medication processes in Preoperative Outpatient Examination (PPO) and Pre-Operative Screening (POS). This leads to time savings and ease of use for the healthcare provider and less risk of errors. As a result, patient safety also improves.

SmartMed continues to continually invest in SmartMed Hospital to further optimize it. Version 3.6 improves PPO/POS process

What's new in release 3.6

In the new 3.6 release, the healthcare provider can link medication orders to a time-independent patient visit. Thus, in the new PPO/POS module, all pre- and post-operative medication orders are linked to the visit instead of the visit date. The advantage: if the visit date changes, the patient's medication orders automatically travel with it. Without the doctor, pharmacist or nurse having to perform any additional actions. Also important: the medication overview always remains current, correct and complete.

By opening the visit, the caregiver can plan and prepare all related actions. For example, in addition to medication orders, admission and discharge forms can also be prepared in advance of the visit. And again, if the visit date changes, these forms automatically travel with it.


SmartMed continues to invest in further optimization of SmartMed Hospital

Melanie Fourie, Release and Product Manager: "We continue to continuously improve SmartMed Hospital, and the new PPO/POS module was a big request from our customers. With the availability of 3.6, it is now possible, for example, to temporarily stop a medication order two days before the visit and resume it one day after the visit. This new ability to set visit-related actions or triggers without any adjustment of date and time per medication order is very user-friendly and leads to medication safety for the patient. This improvement optimally supports the complicated PPO/POS process."

The benefits of SmartMed Hospital

Closed-loop prescribing, monitoring, dispensing and the entire pharmacy and hospital logistics process. That's SmartMed Hospital, with flexible configuration and always a correct medication summary, regardless of admission status. Both outpatient and inpatient. The modules are also available separately and integrated in real time with various EHRs, including single sign on. A few advantages:

- Close medication monitoring. During clinical or outpatient prescribing and during administration. Also with one-time unexpected doses and if necessary with dose conversions based on the selected ZI number by the pharmacy.

- Always one unique patient record, accurate and complete. That travels with the patient throughout the (outpatient) clinic. Even when the patient comes in through the emergency room. You can easily set up the most complicated dosing schedules. And you see them clearly on your screen.

- Each specialty its own unique facility. With its own medication sets, favorites and protocols. You make visible what is relevant to your specialty or department. Such as your formulary and desired prescription levels.

SmartMed is leading the Medication Transfer Project for the new MP9 standard for medication data exchange and MITZ for consents.

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