Successful test day of AIS SmartMed Pharmacy (FarmaSys 6) for Medication Process 9

Successful test day of AIS SmartMed Pharmacy (FarmaSys 6) for Medication Process 9

Yesterday was an important (test) day for Medication Process 9 (MP9). And for SmartMed. The Kickstart Medication Transfer tested whether our AIS SmartMed Pharmacy (PharmaSys-6) is on track for digital exchange of medication appointments and dispensing requests according to the information standard Medication Process 9. And the answer is YES! Great work by Sameer, Frank, Chiel, Ruben and others!

Successful test day of SmartMed Pharmacy - AIS FarmaSys-6 for medication process 9 (MP9)

What is the Medication Process Information Standard 9 (MP9)?

Medication Process 9 (MP9) is a set of agreements on unambiguous registration and exchange of medication data. With this standard, information from prescription by the physician to use by the patient can be exchanged between the registration systems of the various healthcare providers and the patient's personal health record. MP9 is based on the four steps of the medication process: prescription, dispensing, administration and use. By recording information for each step and distinguishing between information about the treatment (therapy) and the flow of goods (logistics), data can not only be exchanged better, but also displayed more clearly. Nationwide rollout of MP9 is planned for 2024. From then on, more than 16,000 healthcare providers will implement the guideline 'Transfer of medication data in the chain' and the associated information standards. This will improve patient safety and save healthcare providers in the chain a lot of time.

What is Kickstart Medication Transfer?

This digital transfer involves a great deal. For example, systems must be coordinated in order to exchange data, and it must be arranged who has access. With the Kickstart, MP9 and the guideline 'Transfer of Medication Data' will be tested in practice. The Kickstart aims to show that medication transfer works, and gain knowledge and experience to optimize MP9. The Kickstart involves a limited number of ICT suppliers and healthcare providers. This prepares the extensive implementation for the entire healthcare field.

What is the role of SmartMed and SmartMed Pharmacy?

SmartMed Pharmacy, with its AIS FarmaSys-6, has been involved in the Kickstart from the start. Together with Pharmacy Pijnacker Centrum, MP9 is being tested in practice. SmartMed CEO Alfred Godeke was asked why SmartMed gives such high priority to the Kickstart: "When designing FarmaSys-6, we had two goals: optimal patient safety and optimal efficiency in the pharmacy. Secure, efficient data exchange between healthcare providers positively impacts both goals. By being at the forefront of initiatives like Mitz and MP9, we are helping to make this happen faster."

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